Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tuesday's Christmas Party

What a great day, lots of food, lovely friends, georgeous gifts, heaps of laughs..and elastic pants...perfect..lol
Here is the Tuesday Sewing Group - left to right - Lucy, Tereasa, Helen, Teresa, Laurel and in front Mary and Me (Sandi).  Don't we look a handsome bunch...just as well you can't hear us..that may be a different story....
Helen wore her reindeer antlers all day (except when driving)...they look so festive, I think she should wear them everywhere - don't you?
Look...who is this? lol
 Could it be, maybe it is, the possibilities are high...It's Teresa diving into one of the yummy desserts that Laurel has made for everyone...hehhehe Teresa said I wasn't to put this delightful photo of her on my blog, so if you don't tell her and I don't tell her then all will be sweet.   Well maybe not...lol
This is what Teresa is biting into...

We all decided that a hands on approach was the only way to eat this fabulous desert...all behaving lady-like
goes out the window and you just have to dive in...Teresa apparently has just as good a photo of me digging into mine but I think she maybe all bluff....hey Teresa...maybe it was blurred or something....proof is in the pudding...lol
Look...mmmm...Seems like Teresa is at the food again...this time it's strawberry cheesecake...And Tereasa is waiting patiently for her piece...then it was my turn...thank goodness I can't take photo's of myself eating...but I did have my stretchy pants on...

Here is Laurel, she is a wonderful person to know cause she is the one to make those lovely brandy snap desserts.  I think she is savouring the moment here. lol

I was very spoilt today, this beautiful coathanger and chrissy decoration was given to me by Helen, she is so talented..I will treasure them forever, thanks again Helen.

This was also a little gift from Helen...the fabric started out its life as a fat quarter with the reputation in the group as being the ugly fabric...you know the sort...there is always one fabric that just is a shocker...anyway it has been handed around the group..usually quite deviously and Helen was the last person to inherit the so called - ugly fabric...And she kept this fabric for some time without mentioning it and as part of our pressies she made each of us a finger pin cushion out of it...she did the mistake of giving us all a little bit of the scrap that was left over...so now we are working out a way of combining our little pieces  together to return the favour...hehehehe. watch out -Helen - you never know when it may turn up, maybe when you least expect it...
Look at this beautiful Quilter's Journal that Teresa made for me...come to think of it - she may want it back after finding out I put that lovely photo of her eating on my blog...She has inspired me to drag out my papers and ribbons and play with them...I want to use it but then again I want to save it...what to do..Thanks Teresa, sorry about the photo..if I could take it back I would..or would I..lol
These beautiful buttons were given to me by Tereasa, for those of you that are new to my blog - I'm going to be a grandma for the first time in 2012 and I am a little excited, alright I am alot excited...and my grandchild should be a boy (if the scan is correct).  Arnt they great...I love them, can't wait to show my daughter and to come up with some ideas of what to make using them...Anyone got any ideas?  Maybe on a wall hanging.
Thanks Tereasa...They are perfect..

I know this is a long blog, but I just had so much to talk about..Sorry for that to anyone who I am boring, you can stop reading and move onto another blog...but I'm nearly finished - promise.
Do you remember earlier me telling you about Laurel and her lovely desserts, well this is what she gave me, all beautifully wrapped but the best part is on the inside...look at this...

They were delicious...yes thats right, you heard it..."were"  Its ok I have my elastic pants on still...I may live in them until after Christmas...I did share with hubby, maybe I should look for elastic pants for him too..lol
What a day, so tired now and full and very contented...would purr if I was a cat, oh hell with it, I think I will purr anyway.Thanks Laurel, you are a wonderful cook, they were that tasty that I almost didn't get a photo..
Well I think that I have mentioned everything, thanks again to everyone, I had a wonderful day, and I definitely think it was the people that made it wonderful not the gifts or the food (well.. the gifts and food did help)  I can't wait for 2012, will miss you all over the break...i know its what only 2 weeks but still thats a long time to be away from friends..Cheers anyone who put up with my long blog...and Merry Christmas All. I hope I didnt leave anyone out...please forgive me if I did.


  1. Hmmmmm I was tired after our great day but hey I very tired now after reading all this post. hahahaha.
    Thanks for helping to make the day so special Sandi and for your wonderful gift, love it.


    PS.... you will be in trouble you know.

  2. ohhhhhh you are in sooooooo much trouble... You bugger...hmmm can you say bugger on blogger!!!! It really was a terrofoc day... now to put up that pic of you eating... ha ha ha ha ha revenge is sooooo sweet ...