Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas with the Monday Girls

Oops I did it again....Hah...this time I was smarter, It takes me a while to learn by my mistakes but I do get there...eventually.  You see today I started to wear my elastic belts and buttons here..oh no sir ree.
We had our Monday sewing group christmas party today and I wore my elastic waist  I still can't move around to much at the moment due to the amount consumed today but I didn't have to unbuckle anything.  See - getting smarter..hehehe
Left to right...Tereasa, Trish, Jenny and Marilyn.
As you can see there is an empty chair beside Marilyn, this is my chair and as you can see...there is lots of food in front of me..I think we started at 10am and ate til 2....Would you believe that after we ate just about everything here, Jenny brought out her Cherryripe Cheesecake...can you believe that - cherryripe and cheesecake as one food item..what a combination,mmmm.  Just as well I wore the elastic pants..

 I did get a little sewing done today...not all party, a little stitching as well...Tereasa of Homespun & Beautiful got in these lovely stitcheries by The Birdhouse.  And I did put my fork down long enough to finish the one I have been working on. This one is called the  -Friendship Tree.  Tereasa got in the little white frames for us to finish this project off, and if I do say so myself, doesn't it look fabulous... the buttons came with the pattern and they are just perfect too...yes very proud of this piece,  I did a great
So as you can see, I can do something else other that eat..and its almost as  Cheers

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