Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas with the Girls and their Hubbies

OMG I can't move, ate toooo much now paying the  It's soo hard to type this without moving too much...will I make it to christmas day in one piece - I think

From left to right - Rob, Lynne, Me, Wayne, Chrissa and Neil...
My lovely friends came for a christmas -well I guess you could call it lunch but it kinda went from 9 to 5 and in that time we kinda did nothing but chat, drink and eat. The only time we moved away from the food is to get this photo  And by that time there was hardly any food left.  This is a photo of the delicious desert Neil so kindly made for the day...Mango Trifle...Yes had two serves of this yummy food...
And this is a piece of the Pavlova that Lynne had made for the day...and yes I did have a slice of it too..
I know - and I wonder why the belt and button are undone now....Yum...

Dont get the wrong idea..we did eat lots of other foods during the day...we started with a cheese platter, consisting of Brie, Smoked Dutch, Garlic and Chives and Pate...this went very well with our coffees.  We decided that 9 am was a little early to start drinking alcohol, so coffee was it.
Then we moved onto kebabs, salads, get the idea..This is what happens when you have way too much sugar and alcohol in one session...You lock the keys in the boot...How many men does it take to unlock a car with no keys....none - they couldn't do round trip to collect the spare key from home was how the problem was solved..mind you the round trip took and hour and a half....It was a great day even if I cant move now...mmmm may have to rethink my eating tactics, I have a family christmas tomorrow and two sewing christmas celebrations to follow this week...I dont think I will make it...but I will give it a good go.

By for now...need to remove shorts...I wonder if their is any pav left in the fridge?


  1. Love it, they do look as if they know what they are

    See you on Tuesday for more fun and food.


  2. OMG What a fun post... thanks for the giggle. I love all the photos... food, friends and car jacking he he! Looking forward to our party on Tuesday...wear elastic! xx