Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Lunch with Meg and Cam

Today we went to Elle's place for an early lunch with her Nanna and Uncle.  Yes you guessed it, I'm sitting here with the pants unbuttoned again....I seriously am doubting my ability to survive this week..I know - keep the head held high and take one for the family (or two or three).  I gave Elle some little gingerbread men that I had stitched up and she used them to decorate the table - I'm not sure they can breath in there but they did look great.
Meg aka Nanna, gave the boys a chrissy tie each.  The ties have lights in them and sing.  I should have taken some photos of the boys puting the ties on...some were tied in knots until dad helped them
You know they actually wore the ties the whole day...
Here we have James, Mike, Wayne, Jaxon and Cameron.  Don't they just look I couldnt put up the first photo I took of them, they were being silly..
Say Hi Meg, yep thats you on my blog page for the whole world to see....What a great photo of you with your grand daughters - Elle and Amelia.  For the rest of blogland, you should see the cards that Meg has made for us over the's been a highlight in our family whenever it is someones birthday or special occasion to see what card Meg has invented for us...We eagerly await the postie then pass it round so everyone gets to see it...I think we have kept most of them - they are just too good to throw away.
This one has a quilting theme...thanks Meg, I know that I was your inspiration for this years theme.
It has been pieced together and sewn just like a quilt...What a tallented lady, and what a good day...And yes time to get the shorts off...I think Elle sent a plum pudding doggie bag home for us...I'll just go see if it is still in the Cheers.

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  1. That card is amazing... so much work in it. How clever is she? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those ties. Mike's is almost a shirt! ha ha xx