Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas Has Made An Appearance

Guess what I have been doing...come's the first weekend in December....Yep you guessed it, unpacking all the christmas trimmings...I don't know about anyone else but I always end up sneezing by the time I am finished unpacking everything, must be the dust bunnies - but we won't go there now will we.
While I was unpacking I came across several things that I had made in the past and thought I would share them with blogland...
This is what my Bakers Stand looks like when I have adorned it with some of my special itemes...

On the floor to the left of the Bakers Stand is my advent doll, she has the cutest apron on with little pockets numbered 1 to 24.
 I have also decorated our wood heater - this is where I keep the gingerbread men warm and toasty...nah only joking, it's way too hot to light a
At the base of the wood heater is a little train that my son, James made for me when he was in primary school (he is 19 now)...I just love it, it reminds me of the old fashioned wooden toys one use to get...not like all the plastic items you buy today.
The stockings are hung...ok well not all the stockings are on this wall unit...we have a big family so they need to be spread around.
I also found some other items that I have made but I havent got a space for them right now.  One is an advent calender and the other is some little, I guess you would call them, gifttags.

Anyhow, I think that is enough for one blog, I will add some more photos of other christmas items later in the month...cheers all, and I hope all is well in Blogland..


  1. Gorgeous decorating! Michelle

  2. Sandi it all looks wonderful....glad to know another Christmasaholic is out there.