Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tuesdays Treasures

I have been thinking of joining the theme - Tuesdays Treasures - for a while and each time I wonder what I would blog about - my family are my closest treasures but after that one does wonder what would come next if I had a list...What means alot to me?  And you know what, it would have to be two very special friends of mine..Lynne and Chrissy.  We met over 16 years ago, when my son started pre-school and even though families grow or people move we still make time for each other.  We see each other now every three weeks - our shopping trips... most of the time meet up at the same shopping centre, but then there are times when, if one of us wants to go somewhere different, we end up somewhere else.  Usually our get togethers are surrounded by food...we do have a fondness for foods that my doctor would frown at, but we have fun. Trying on clothing is something you have to laugh at...having similar tastes, we quite often emerge from a changeroom with the same outfit on...lol..you should see the look on the shop assistants face when the three of us come out all dressed the same..  My two special friends dont care how old I am, how many kids I have, whether I dress up or go totally casual, they just like me for me, and I like them for them.  They would definitely be next on my list.  Thanks Melody for letting me join in today...

 Here is Lynne with her Husband Rob...I think she is smiling because there is cheesecake on the table..lol
And this is Chrissy (in the pink)..yes we are looking a little worse for wear...Chrissys house went under in the Birsbane floods earlier this year and we were in the middle of cleaning the house of all the mud (mud is probably a nice word to describe it) ...what a day, but we still could laugh...I have to add, that in the middle of the floods that destroyed Brisbane and my friends home, she was in the middle of being treated for Breast Cancer....she is a remarkable person, someone I admire dearly. 


  1. Hello Sandi,

    A wonderful post.I hope Chrissy is going well after a challenging start to the year.
    Happy days.

  2. Such a lovely post Sandi and there is no greater treasure than to have friends who truly appreciate you just as you are.

  3. A wonderful post and I agree good friends are true treasures. Thank you so much for joining in today.

  4. A lovely post Sandi,Good friends are like fine Quilts, they age with you but never lose their walmth. cheers R.

  5. Friends are indeed on of life's treasures. I to have a wonderful friend, we have also known each other since our children were in pre school.

  6. What a wonderful treasure to share with us. Friends like that are truly treasures to have.
    I pray that Chrissy will have a full recovery.

  7. Aw, I have made a couple of really good friends @ my son's preschool.. I hope we can still say that we're friends several years from now. That is wonderful! Prayers for Chrissy. I am a new follower to your blog from Tuesday Treasures. Nice to *meet* you. xo