Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Jellyroll Race

Today, The Beaudesert Quilter's had our very first Jellyroll Race.  What a laugh, we had a ball or should I say a  We made sure we had the appropriate nibblies for the know...jelly - beans,  jelly - babies,  Jelly - jubes....And for prizes we had Jellyfruits, and of course,  Jellies - in all different flavours.
They all turned out beautiful, I wonder if they will want to do one again.  The winner of the race was our very own Secretary - Faye...she completed her quilt in 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Second only by minutes, was Joan with 1 hour 37 minutes, and Mary came in third with 1 hour and 40 minutes.  The rest of the group came in not too long after this. . ok well maybe a few of us took a little longer..but they all did such a great job.

In order from left to right...we have.. Annie, Gwen, Joan, Carolyn, Sandi (Me), Mary, Faye and Trish.
Since we were trying to all fit in the photo, we had to fold our quilts in half, but you get the idea.
Here we have Noela and Jo and (Kerry - not in the photo)...They were in the 'Preschool' Group..they were a little slower but they got there in the end. 
Jo  is hiding behind her beautiful quilt, and  Noela with her lovely quilt.  I am glad it was a timed race because I don't think I would be able to pick the prettiest one.

We were very lucky today to also have a visit from Tereasa of Homespun & Beautiful.  She so kindly brought in some of her fabrics so we could choose our borders and peeper fabrics once our quilts were completed.  We certainly timed her visit well, she is having a 30% off all her fabrics we all got a bargin...or two,or three or in Annies case....two   Thanks Tereasa for coming down and bringing your fabric and for the great prices.
Anyhow, hope you have enjoyed reading this long blog today, there was just so much to say...


  1. what a fun day out...........the jelly roll quilt is great fun with a few doing it together............

  2. Sounds like a great day and great quilts to take home. Nibbles are essential!