Tuesday, 11 October 2011

You Gotta Laugh

My mum, Lori and step-father, Graham have a visitor, Rose staying with them for a few weeks...Rose is from England and this is her first visit to Australia.  One of her passions is knitting so I suggested she may like the Craft Extravaganza at Mt. Tamborine.  Everyone agreed that this would be  great and so they headed down to my place so we could all go up together in one car.  We took the ute thinking that this would be the bigger car as we figured room was going to be an issue. Well I have never seen anything so funny in all my life...The three piled into the back one by one, each having to buckle the other one up as they moaned and groaned until they settled into the back seat..What some people will do to go to a craft show amazes me and everyone once in was in high spirits to get going.  I just had to take a photo of the happy bunch...Rose is on the left, Lori in the middle and Graham, well you can tell which one was he as he is the only male in the picture.  The angle of the photo is not very flattering but as you can see they didn't mind being photographed.
By the way, we had a lovely time up the mountain.


  1. ha ha... your naughty side won out!! Great photos :)

  2. ROFLMAO! You need a not so squeezy van.

  3. I hope you liked the Craft show... I had a stall there......
    Cath Ü