Thursday, 27 October 2011

That Suitcase

I have been walking past this suitcase for about a week now...My mother went on a holiday to my Aunty Shirls place in Gladstone and on her return she left this suitcase for me to go through.  My Aunty Shirl had had a clean out and thought I would like some of the bits in it...Everytime I walked past this suitcase I thought how I should get around to looking at it......Well this is what I found...

  My Aunty obviously has inherited my style of packing...It's in the blood - if it zips up then it
The more I rummaged through this case the more I found..

How silly of me not to look at this case earlier....I thought it was looking a little like housework but how wrong can one be....I have already made plans for a few pieces - maybe a dress here and there for any future adoptions and one of the materials just screams - clown - to me...I am so lucky to have a wonderful Aunty.....I am feeling very spoilt at the moment.


  1. lucky you! how cool is that....a couple of years ago, a girlfriend gave me a black rubbish bag full of heaps "scraps" that she wouldn't use/didn't like anymore etc....I pulled out FQs, F1/8ths, a almost full FQ set of a range I loved and didn't purchase, so much stuff....I'm still using bits and pieces was like Christmas comes early....have fun