Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Hello Saffron, my newest member to my blogging site.  I just love making dolls, they seem to all have their own personality.  Saffron is from Candlelight Creation's.  She is not  large by all means but she has lots of gumpsion.  She sells flowers during the day so she can spend time with her children at night.  She loves to cook and to read a good book while sitting in her garden.  Unfortunately she is a widower, she lost her true love to the sea many years ago, but she doesn't let this get her down.  I suppose thats why she loves flowers so much, because of their beautiful smells and colours...life goes on.


  1. she is lovely...will have to get started on mine! friend.

  2. Oh, she is very sweet. Love her little coat.
    Cute chickens too. I hope to get some next year.