Sunday, 23 October 2011

Dream Angel

Adoption of another little angel has been successful.  This little one came to me from Homespun & Beautiful and I just new she was going to fit in just perfectly.  I always tend to - do my own thing - when it comes to patterns - this time besides  changing the hair and colour of her outfit, I also didn't include the wings. I know she is an angel, and she needs no reminding all the time that she is one.  I have made her a new necklace as a welcoming gift so she will feel wanted.  I wonder if she has any siblings out there.  I may be on the look out for a playmate or two for her...mmm might go back to Homespun & Beautiful to find out.


  1. hehehe just gorgeous!!! i love these patterns.i have brought a number of them and she does have lots of sisters and few brothers out their haha...i just have to find the time to make them.Annie smith the designer of these patterns has started a blog if your interested
    Hugs xo

  2. awwwwwww she's so cute... You've done a super job!