Monday, 12 September 2011

Spring Is Here

Look what was waiting for me this morning...
Four baby chicks all huddle around their mother keeping warm.  Below is mother hen, she is our little frizzle bought
just because she was so pretty and she lays the littlest eggs,
and here is our proud rooster - strutting his stuff in the garden.  I'm sure he new I was taking a photo of him because he posed just right.

On the way back from checking on the chicks, I noticed our cat, Tiger, sunny herself in the yard..what a life, sitting back, soaking up the sun, watching the hens go by....

Here is our lavender bush, the flowers look glorious and smell devine, I will have to harvest some today for the kitchen.  Wayne has been tinkering in the garden.  This is what he has come up with so far, the lovely plant behind the plow is Rosemary....mmm love this on just about anything....lamb, chicken, potatoes,damper just to name a few.  It's coming along just beautifully, I think we will add some smaller plants down in front to finish it off.


  1. Hey Sandi, love the pic of your cat and your chicks. I laughed so much when I saw your comment on my post... he he... very clever. You will be pleased to know I have put my books into my bag for next Tuesday!!!! Also you come up as a non reply blogger... I will show you how to fix that.. or ask Trees .. she knows how too. See you next week xx

  2. love how your cat chills out! very dog does that those little chicks.