Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Monday Sewing Group

Look at what we have here...On Mondays we have a small sewing group that gets together to sew, laugh and occassionally eat naughty foods...Ok we may eat naughty foods a little more than occassionally.  Anyway on our last get together one of the group members, Marilyn, bought in a box of chocies to share with everyone.. Isn't she wonderful...Needless to say we had morning tea a little earlier that day.     

Smile Marilyn...oh I know...wait until you finish chewing your choccie...sorry no can
Jenny here is very patiently waiting for the box to be passed to her..Doesn't it just make your coffee taste that little bit sweeter?  Maybe we should make if manditory - chocolate should always be served with tea and coffee....I know my kids would vote on it...mmm new policies for the pollies...I would vote for

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  1. I agree of lifes wonderful pleasures a lovely chokkie with a cup of coffee. Maybe it's just because I hace a chokkie addiction! Stitching with friends can't be beaten. Lovely.