Monday, 26 September 2011

Friends Swap Parcel Has Arrived

OMG - how much fun is this swap thing - I actually got pressies that were sewing related (and I didn't have to pick them out for myself from the kids or hubby).  I think I could get hooked on this swapping thing.  My parcel arrived today from Julie while I was at work and I couldnt wait to open it. 
Do You know how hard it is to pose for a photo when there are pressies to be opened?
This is what I found inside - hundreds of pressies - ok not hundreds but definitely heaps and heaps, and they're all for me, just me, and me alone..hehhee

Where does one start - do I go on an opening frenzy or do I savour the moment and open them ever so slowly.  Mmm - bit of both I think.

Lets start at the very begining with ....F is for....

Fabric, Freddo and Flake - get away little daughter of mine - they are mine you hear me, all mine.
Think I may just save the chocies for when the kids go to bed - oh and you are looking tired too hubby.
The fabrics are just so beautiful - I am already thinking of projects I can use them in.

R is for....

Runner and Ric Rac - I think Julie has been spying on me because I was only yesterday hunting around my stash looking for that perfect piece of Ric Rac for a dolly that I was getting ready to make...maybe little cameras have been set up in my sewing room.. I will have to remember to smile when I'm in there - not hard to do seeing as I'm in my sewing room.  And look at this table runner - with Batiks - I love batiks.  I have put the runner on my table without hesitation ( I had to clear off all the kids junk first).  Julie you have done a wonderful job in making the runner - I love it....oh and maybe the chocolate wont last until the kids are in

I is for......
Inspiration....look at these patterns designed by Julie herself.  Isn't she clever, I think I will do the stockings first - I do love christmas, but then again I could do the flower basket and incorporate the floral fabric Julie has sent.

E is for.....
Earings and embellishments, again I think there may be a camera somewhere.  How did Julie know I wear earings all the time and look at the timber red robin and snowman - they will make anything look absolutely georgeous, I am going to save the teapot  buttons in my special button stash - you know the one - the buttons you just gotta have but dont want to use them - they are there for you to look at and touch and to treasure like little jewels... 

N is for....
Oops sorry no chocolate  left- Am I bad....
Notepad, Necklace and Necesities or should I say Nicities....Can you see the beautiful necklace, it matches the earings (I plan to wear these tomorrow).  I must have been a very good girl to get so many lovely things,
did I mention that I love this swap thingy...

D is for....
 Doll.....she is beautiful and has already found a place in  my heart.  I will not be able to look at her without thinking of my new friend - Julie.  I am going to put her in my sewing room - not to hide her but because this is where I spend alot of time and I want to look at her all the time - she puts a smile on my face.  Hey Julie, can we be swap buddies next time Friends Swap comes up again....I know we are chosen at random with some help from Khris but maybe we can bribe her with some

And last but not least...

S is for
Sweet Smelly Soap, again, how did you know I love soaps.... I need to find that camera now.  They smell delicious....yum...I know - you cant eat them...pitty. 
Something Special - A very special Teacup I do feel very special....I hope Julie is as happy with my gifts to her as I have been with her gifts to me.  

I know this has been my longest post but I had to take lots of photos to fit everything in...It looks like christmas and it feels like christmas....maybe it is christmas..
Maybe Julie is my santa.  Thank you Julie from the bottom of my heart and thank you Khris for organising the friends swap.  Tomorrow my coffee will taste extra  special in my new cup and I will smell nice after using my smelly soap and I will look great with my new earings and necklace on.   And I have a new project or two to start....what a day. 
Cheers all
Ps...this was the first time I have added links to peoples names - so the good feelings just keep on rolling 


  1. lucky you.everything looks awesome!! i cant wait for mine to arrive anyday now hurry up postie!!!

  2. Wow and wow again, you are a lucky girl. I hope you will bring your gifts to club day tomorrow for show and tell.


  3. Sandi,
    glad you like your pressies...I had a wonderful time getting everything ready...
    and I'm soooo glad that our parcels arrived on the same day....great fun isn't it????

  4. OMG! How special you must feel...nice goodies you got there.

  5. What a great haul.....just a small FYI, Khristina would probably prefer owly stuff than Hugs Naomi