Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Cheese Making Demonstration

Today Teresa and myself snuck away from The Tuesday group a little early to take part in a cheese making demonstration being held at the local library.
Valerie Pearson was our host and I must say, she was a brilliant demonstrator, she has a mountain of funny stories and was very knowledgeable in her craft...
Todays demonstration was how to make yummy Mozzarella...
After the demonstration, I was very eager to buy her book and she was lovely and signed them for us..
Teresa and myself were fortunate enough to get a photo with Valerie at the end of the demo..
I was so interested in her talk that I didn't take any photo's but when the cheese was ready I did manage to get one.  Here her hubby is cutting up some delicious samples for us to taste..
The work station..
I never thought making Mozzarella would be so easy and I will definitely being trying this at home.  Valerie runs other workshops and I am hoping to catch up with a few more of them..
I had a lovely day today and it was fun sharing it with my partner in crime - Teresa.. thanks Teresa for taking part in our little adventure - we will definitely find some more...

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely ladies.   I hope you have had a fantastic day what ever that might mean to each of you.  I was able to spend the day with all my kids, something that means more to me than anything else in the world.  My favourite times are when I can sit back and watch their interactions with each other. Listening to their jokes and laughter. Their serious conversations and the silly ones too.. 
I was having so much fun with the kids being here that I forgot to take any photo's... Silly me, oh well..  I did get a photo of my centrepiece and of brekky..(better than nothing)..

One of my favourite meals... greek pear and apple yoghurt with toppings.. oh and can you see my pretty spoons.  The Tuesday Girls gave these to me for my birthday...
My brekky..  yummm
I have been doing a little sewing - I have finished the next instalment in the Sunday Stitchers, Sew-a-long,  Natalie Bird's - Bluebird Lane Quilt.   This will be the centre block..
I have also been able to stitch next months block too, so I can safely take a break to get into some other projects hanging around the craft room done..
A closer look..
Helen and I have been meeting up to doing a little walking in the mornings and sometimes it feels like we are taking a big risk with our lives by doing this..  A classic example happened just the other day - we were minding our own business, walking along and suddenly we were attacked by the local wildlife...
I did manage to get a photo of it before it attacked us...
Can't quite see it - how about now...  Don't be frightened, we did manage to get away unharmed...lol
I have not put up a photo of 'The Chosen One' (the kids nickname for Maci) so I thought it was about time I did...  Hello sweetheart, want a cuddle...

Cleveland Quilt Extravaganza High Tea

Last Thursday saw The Tuesday Girls heading off on a road trip to the Quilt Extravaganza at Cleveland.  The event was being held to raise money to help towards the children they sponsor in Africa..
I would love to say that this was the main reason we joined in with this event but it probably had more to do with the fact that they were putting on a high tea...(this sounds more like us)..
What do you think these two cheeky girls are up to??  Maybe while they are distracted I can just pop a few of those tasty morsels into my bag...
Of course there was a ton of laughter coming from our table..we did share the table with another group so maybe I can blame them for the noise level at our table..
There was a cent auction on the day and Miss Helen did rather well, collecting a few goodies.  Norreen came home with four floral mugs and Teresa and myself, well, we came home empty handed.  We didn't mind though..
Joy Coey was one of the hosts for the day, and it was great catching up with her.   She was most impressed with the number of winning tickets held by the ladies at our table...
After our high tea, we headed to Bayside Stitchcraft for a little retail therapy..
We finished the day with a visit to The Wishing Well.  A little quirky café that we have been trying to get to for ages but you see, it doesn't open on a Tuesday, and seeing as we were out on a Thursday, a visit was just a 'must do'. 
Oh and I did get a couple of fabrics from Bayside Stitchcraft while we were there..
Well that's all for today...catchya all later..

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Yay, opening days has finally arrived as well as my swap tin...so excited...  My swap partner for this swap was Sharmayne from http://countryfragrance.blogspot.com.au/..
I love the fabric Sharmayne has wrapped my tin in - so much so that I have already earmarked it for a project that needs to done in the near future...It will be perfect..
Inside my gorgeous tin, which I might add matched my fabric,  I found an assortment of goodies.  th
There is everything from threads to treats to notions..  The unpicker will come in handy cause I am one of those people who is always misplacing them..I do blame the cat for stealing them but she can only be blamed so many times...  I will admit that my mintie was first to go (hubby was eyeing it off) but no sharing here..
Thanks Sharmayne for being my swap partner,  I love all the items you have included, the button is cute, the threads handy, the lace gorgeous...yep I could go on and on..
Now for anyone that is interested, The Tuesday Girls are holding another 'No Fuss Swap' so if you are interested in signing up then head on over to here..http://nofussswappers.blogspot.com.au/ and sign up.. you have until the 5th of May to join..  This one is  called Kitchen Kapers.

Well that's all for today, looking forward to seeing what everyone received,  and girls, feel free to spread the word in-case anyone else would like to join in.. 

Monday, 25 April 2016

Sunday Stitchers

The Sunday Stitchers came together on the weekend and when we did we had a lot of catching up to do..  First of all, three of us are doing a stitch-a-long, the Natalie Bird - Bluebell Lane quilt.  We are planning on sewing one block a month, and so far I have been able to keep up.  Here are my first four blocks...
Susan's first, almost four, blocks...
Inca's four blocks....
It's so good seeing the different colour choices and I must say, they are all looking great...
We had some show-n-tell..  Susan had two finished quilts to show us... 
MMM... that quilt has legs.
Oh, there she is... Hello Susan..
Helen brought along her  beautiful "70th" Teapot Quilt..  I wish I had a different photo cause I have no idea what she was thinking when I took this photo, but I did get a laugh out of it...lol
Helen is also holding her Gail Pan wall hanging..
We were a little behind with the Birthday Fat Quarters so there were quite a few pressies to be given out...  Don't they look great...
Teresa made the birthday girls a 'cup cake' fat quarter each..  I love these.  I wonder if she would turn all my fat quarters into cup cakes - they are just soooo cute...
Wow so many pressies to open....
Very pretty fabrics, thank you girls...

That will do me today.. hope you all have had a great Anzac Day...

Friday, 22 April 2016

The Festival Of Nor..

Yesterday saw The Tuesday Girls heading off for another road trip in the continuation of the celebration of Nor's Birthday..   Don't you just love 'selfies', some people just seem to be able to pull them off with no effort at all, but this is definitely not the case with us...we find we laugh a little too much while trying to fit all of us into the photo..  I think we are getting better though..two photo's taken and we are all visible and smiling - no one is pulling a face.  I can see why people invest in a 'selfie stick'- its hard to hold the camera out so far and take the photo..  Thanks Cass, you did a great job... A New title - Official photographer for The Tuesday Girls...
Take Two - just in-case...
We started the day with morning tea at San Churro - Nor bought me a Bailey's Truffle chocolate - oh my, I think I have found my new 'all time' favourite chocolate...Oh it was sooo good..
The birthday girls choice in movie today..  We saw The Boss at Springfield Cinemas.  I love their new cinemas, everything is so clean, the chairs are comfortable, the staff friendly.. 
A little shopping was also added into the day.. Teresa and I fell in-love with this baking dish, which I might add was on a great special, so we each bought one..
I found two bags that just had to come home with me..a small one for when I just need something to hold my phone and keys and a medium sized red one, well, just because I liked it..
Another fantastic day with friends, Happy Birthday Nor, I hope all your computer troubles are resolved real soon..xxx
On Tuesday, I forgot to mention that Teresa's Mum, Frankie, had sent up a parcel for me.  I am going to call it a necklace cause I don't know what it is officially called, but I think necklace would be pretty close or maybe it could be necklace/scarf..  Teresa has one and I thought it was great and with a bit of wheeling and dealing, ta da, I now have one myself...  Thanks Frankie and Teresa, looking forward to wearing it...xx
Well that's all..hope you all have a great day..

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Date Night

Or should that be - Date Day..  Hubby and I headed to the Gold Coast today for lunch at the new Garden Kitchen & Bar at Jupiter's Casino...  We won a $100 voucher weeks ago and have been trying to get down there but due to other commitments have not been able to get there - that is until today.
Hubby had the Rib Eye and most of my chips..  I had the crab cakes and the fish n chips..  Oh yum.. It was my first time at trying crab cakes and I must admit they are very yummy..   
When we were leaving, we had spent all but $16 so the host of the restaurant insisted we take home something for later..  So this Is what came home with us..but so sorry, its all gone now.. num num  num...lol
I always love spending time with hubby not matter what the occasion is..and today was another great day...  love ya babe..