Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A Swap, An Outing, Food and Some Sewing...

Today is the opening day for our "No Fuss Swappers - Road Trip" swap.  My partner was Shez and she sent me this beautiful pastel laundry bag using  gorgeous blue rose fabric..  I am thinking she knows just how much I love roses...  Also included in the swap was a pretty fat quarter, a luggage tag and, of course, those road trip essentials - lollies..  Thanks Shez, I love them all and I can not wait to go on retreat/holidays so I can use them - welllllll maybe not the lollies cause I just don't think they will last that long...lol  Thanks for being my swap partner...xxx
I did a little road trip yesterday with the very kind Helen and upon our return she gave me morning tea - her famous yummy banana bread.. thank you Helen for coming with me on my errand, your company was very appreciated.  xxx
During our stitching day last week I was given a very special mug rug..can you see why it is special.
Maci can see why it is special too...  The lovely Teresa made this for me and I think it is just great...it has taken pride position on my bedside table so I can see and use it every day..  Thank you Teresa xxx
It was my turn to supply morning tea last week and seeing as I knew we were going out for morning tea, I thought I would bring along a healthy bar that I had planned on tasting..  It did look rather ordinary on the plate and I did cut it into four pieces which did make it look more pathetic but it wasn't too bad with the main ingredients being dates.. It was gluten free, sugar free, wheat free and taste free... lol well maybe not taste free... 
This was the reason I was not too concerned about my meagre effort for morning tea.  We have had a new cafĂ© opened up in our area - "Mondaze" .. So on Tuesday we went to Mondaze...lol - ok I know, pretty lame but someone had to say it...
I ordered the baby milkshake, yes that's right - the kiddy sized one and thank goodness I did.. This is the salted caramel milkshake with pretzels and nutella...  yummy but a little too deadly for me. Oh and I almost forgot - it came with a half a donut too...
Saturday night was an outing of a different kind..  Hubby, Helen, Susan and myself  headed to the Tivoli Theatre to see The Bootleg Beetles.  This is the first time I have been to this old theatre and the combination of the 'old' band and the theatre were a perfect match..  I love old buildings, so much character and history.
Before the show we all headed to The Pancake Manor for dinner.  I have not been to the Manor for about 30 years (hubby informs me it was before I met him), so pre-courting days.  I have no idea why I have not been back because I did enjoy the meal immensely, and it goes without saying - the company was fantastic too.
On the way to the theatre we came across this gorgeous tree covered in fairy lights.  Even though it was raining, Helen managed to take a great photo.   I wonder why it was lit up like that but it did make our night a little bit more special..
  Hubby and I waiting for the show to start...  
Helen and Susan waiting patiently too.. 
All I can say is - GO AND SEE THEM.. The Bootleg Beetles were amazing.  My hands hurt from the clapping, my voice was hoarse from the singing and my jaw was sore from the grinning.  They had the beetles down pat - I feel like I have actually been to a real Beetles Concert.  All four of us sang along to the songs, it was soooo good.  Thanks for coming girls..xx
I am going to finish this post with a little sewing - yes I do sew - mostly secret stuff lately but this one is not a secret so I can show you.  This is my last block for the Natalie Bird - Blue Birdlane Quilt.
I have all nine blocks finished now and will take them for show n tell at our next Sunday Stitchers meeting.  I think the others are trying to have their blocks joined together but I don't plan on do that just yet, maybe another day, maybe not...
Well that's it for me, another busy few weeks and tomorrow will mark the half way point in September, just a concerning reminder about how close Christmas is.  Can someone pleassssee slow down the rest of the year, I would be greatly appreciative...

Friday, 26 August 2016

Lets Just Call This Post "August".

I am getting so fed up with this year just disappearing before my eyes.  One minute I am thinking about it being the first of the month and the next I am wondering what happened to that same said month.  Anyhow enough complaining...
You all know one of The Tuesday Girls, Teresa,  has been away on holidays, but now she is back where she belongs - with us... (and if you are reading this Teresa - you are not allowed to leave us again for a long time - three weeks is just way too long)..
I don't know how Teresa did it, as she was travelling to remote parts of Australia but she still managed to bring us back pressies.. 
We each were given a gorgeous piece of fabric - I keep fondling it, trying to come up with the perfect usage for it but at the moment I am just enjoying its silky texture..  wrapped up inside I found a pretty
necklace which goes beautifully with the fabric..  Thank you Teresa - I love my gifts. 
I just had to add a photo of these beautiful roses, home grown from my very own garden, and they smell divine.
I have done a little sewing - I finished this Lynette Anderson pattern.  Helen and I bought them when we were on our last retreat. I did change it a little - of course - I added buttons to the tabs instead of circular stitched fabrics.  I have done some other sewing but its all secret squirrel stuff so I can not show you yet...maybe in my next post.
Two weeks ago we had our stitching day at Helen's and she delighted us with a home-baked banana cake.  Oh boy it was yummy, too yummy in fact because we all had seconds and maybe even thirds..
Thanks Helen, and you are most welcome to bake for us whenever you desire to..
I was stitching on the day - I started a little wall hanging for my laundry..
Last week, my mum came down for a few days.  Her stay was planned around the same time I have the grandkids for two days minding.  Mum had a ball playing with her great-grandsons.. I do think they wore her out a little though...lol  Brayden loved going through the photos on mums ipad...
The boys had a ball too.  They dragged poor great-grandma and grandpa around everywhere, showing them all the things they love to do.  I don't know who had the most fun, mum or the kids - I think it was a tie.. 
Hubby and I have been wanting to try something different for a while now and finally came across a dance class starting up in our area.  We have only done one night so far but boy did we have fun.  I think our old "disco days" was coming out because we were reminded several times to slow down our tempo... after all we were practicing the waltz ..lol   
 Nor was in-charge of Morning Tea last week and wow, did she go all out, we had Pavlova.. 
Helen was unable to be with us, so we had to eat her portion as well - couldn't let it go to waste..
We decided it would only be fair if we all started with a strawberry topped piece first...lol  Can you make out your slice Helen?... 
I chose not to stitch last week, so instead I covered some mobile phone boxes with pretty papers so I can use them to store 'crap' in.. 
My before photo..
My after photo... 
Now after our sugar over-load we got a little silly - again... and decided to try writing with our
non-dominate hand...  I think I did pretty good, Nor - well maybe not so good and Teresa - well what can I say - She cheated and changed back to her normal writing hand...lol 
Well that's it for today, I will have a little more to add soon as August is not quite over yet so hopefully I will see you all very soon...

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Clayton's Christmas swap

The No Fuss Swapper's hosted a "Clayton's Christmas Swap" for July and my partner was Narelle.  
The swap gifts were to be the following items..
1. An ornament - bought or handmade.
2.  Christmas button/s
3.  Christmas fat quarter
4. A Small Treat.
Thank you Rell, I can't wait to put my tree up at chrissy time and adorn it with your angel, and oh my, that treat.  I have always loved Magnum Iceblocks but never realised they came in chocolate form before.  Holy cow are these dangerous...mine lasted a whole 2 seconds and that was time wasted getting it open.  I don't know if I should thank you for that one or rouse at you for introducing me to something that deadly yummy.  lol
The fat quarter is  fantastic, I will use that for an up coming project and those buttons are just too cute..
Thanks Rell for being my swap buddy..
My swap buddy was Susan and I forgot to take a photo of what I had sent so I had to pinch this one off Susan's blog - thanks Susan.
I chose to give a bought ornament this time round, and of course, the fat quarter, buttons and treat..
Such a fun swap..
 This was such a fun swap, I am looking forward to our next one, but I'm sorry, yesterday was the last day for you to sign up for it, so maybe we will see you next time..

Sunday, 24 July 2016


 Asuka , prenounced Az-car, is an exchange student from Japan and has been staying with us for the last nine days.  We have had some very funny moments, we don't speak Japanese and she could only speak a little English, this lead to some very animate miming and giggling. 
Asuka came to our home with some special gifts from her county.  This gorgeous little doll is The Princess of Sleeping doll. 
 We were also given a Japanese cookbook, an origami book with papers and a lovely little compact mirror.
 The visiting students put on a party for us all where we ate Japanese foods and they put on a show for us to watch.  The show consisted of singing, origami writing, karate and of course Japanese comics.  I had a ball watching the interaction the exchange students had with our students..
The girls were given Jelly Belly cushions from one of hubby's relatives which the girls thought were fabulous. 
We did have a go at origami,  some of us sporting a little more talent than others in the craft...lol
We had to take Asuka to the Gold Coast, so she could sample one of our amazing beaches and do a little retail therapy as well.  She was a little apprehensive at first but once she got her feet wet, she had a ball.  First the feet got wet, then her shorts and then she was laughing so much, she just got wet from head to toe..  It was so much fun, watching the girls, not being able to speak to each other much but being able to giggle and splash in the water..luckily I had a change of clothes with me..
We decided on Harbour Town for our retail therapy.. 
The girls were playing with 'snapchat' here... 
I found out 'Typo' was having a sale and came across these cute little painted letters and shapes. 
Oh and I also found this "new" store... oh my... not much explanation needed.. 
These bins reminded me of those kiddy ball pits - you know the ones you just want to dive in and surround your self with balls..or Lindt balls in this case.. 
More ball pits...lol 
This is how I ended my day.. some spoils from the news agents and some goodies from the Lindt shop..
Well, Asuka left today, taking home stories of her time at Lone Pine, Southbank, Brisbane City, The Gold Coast and of course, stories of her stay with us..  We have had a fantastic time and I am actually going to miss her, its been so much fun but now life can get back to normal for us which in itself is nice too..  Hope you have all had a great week and - no - I have had no time for sewing so that will be one thing I am looking forward to getting back into.
Cya all

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Regional Flavours Festival

Yesterday, Hubby and I went to the Regional Flavours Festival at Southbank.  This was a first for us so we didn't know what to expect, but boy, were we delighted that we went.
As soon as we arrived we found out that one of our all-time 'heroes' was going to be there.  Paul West of River Cottage Australia had an area there and was going to be giving talks throughout the day.  We have been watching River Cottage (the uk one) for decades and fell in-love with kind of living from the very first episode.  Then when the Australian version started and we were more excited because it was closer to home.  We thought we would check his site even though it was early in the day and what a surprise we got when we did..
Paul was standing around checking out everything and so we thought we would do the 'check out the celebrity' thing and went up to him.  Well we couldn't have been more tickled pink if we tried.  We welcomed us like we were old friends, making sure we got heaps of photos with him and chatting about heaps of different topics..  He was so down to earth which made our visit even more thrilling..
We had to leave him to get on with things and so dragged ourselves away to enjoy what other delights we could find at the festival.
We first tasted, absolutely delicious Raspberry and cream cups.. Yum..
Decided on sliders for lunch from the Charming Squire stand..again - yum. 
I manage to find these in my bag by the end of the day - I just don't know how they got there.. 
We couldn't decide which Mason Baker cake to buy so we bought all four... 
We headed back to catch Paul's show and afterwards, naturally, bought his book which he very kindly autographed for us.. 
 And made us pose for more photo's - can I keep him mum - pleeeease...
We that was more fun than I thought it was going to be.  I will treasure my book and will read it from cover to cover and I might even make some of the recipes...