Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Valentine's Day

I had the best Valentine's Day yesterday.  Our stitching day this week just so happen to fall on our Tuesday get together so naturally, like the sensible girls we are, we decided that we should celebrate it together.  On a previous get together we had discussed how we had seen some really 'tacky' cards and this gave us a giggle and, of course, the theme for our valentine's day. 
I hosted the celebration at my place so I was in charge of decorating the table - a job in which I absolutely hate -
I didn't have a lot of red items so pink would just have to do... rearrange the furniture, dust off some pretty bowls and make sure everyone has their special mugs..
 When the girls turned up I made sure I had a valentine's sweetheart for the day - I gave all the girls a huge ring and asked them to be my valentine's ...  and guess what!!!!  They all said "YES"...
I received three beautiful 'tacky' valentine's day cards..
This one is from Helen...
 This one is from Teresa...
 This one is from Norreen...
Helen's arrival was pretty spectacular - she came with a rose in her mouth and a platter of rose petal covered mini mud cakes and heart chocolates...
We also had pressies on the day...lots of gorgeous, pretty and some slightly 'tacky' gifts.. 
I was spoilt big time - scented pink candle,  pink lindt choccies, pink musk sticks,  pink marshmellows, a pink little bucket, pink flowers, red roses, a kiss card holder, pink tape and two pink goodie bags with crafty bits'n'pieces  inside.  I think I have remembered everything..
I put together some items for them and put them in a homemade bag but I forgot to take a photo, so I am going to have to wait until they post about it so I can steal some photo's.  I do have a photo of the 'tacky' tag I put on the bags - lol
 Oh and I don't have a photo of the cards I made them..oh
Hubby gave me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet... it's actually two - the little heart comes out and I can wear them separately, side by side, or together.  Love it heaps - thanks sweetheart..
Now I realise I should add something crafty related to this post but all I have is a photo of some of the blocks I have been putting together for my Welcome Home quilt.  The first block is the only one stitched and the other 4 are waiting until I get back from holidays to stitch. 
Anyway - I'm off to New Zealand early tomorrow so I guess I will have a bit to post about when I get back... 
Thanks Tuesday Girls for a fabulous Valentine's day - once again lots of laughing, yummy food and great company.  Love you guys
I'm going to miss you girls while I'm

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Warwick Retreat

Umm arrhhh, we went on retreat in January..  We usually don't go on retreat so early in the year but one of The Tuesday Girls thought we needed some "rest n relaxation" and of course, she was right..
We wanted to check out the accommodation in the house as we usually stay in the cabins.  I had so much fun, laughing and stitching. 
Here are the girls - left to right - Inca, Jenny, Helen, Nor, Me, Teresa and Janice..
Teresa, Nor and myself practicing 'the selfie'.. 
My bed and room buddy for the week..
Nor at her table..
Now I know there was a story I should attach to Helen's photo here, but for the life of me, I have no idea why we were laughing... The bird houses were pretty but funny - maybe
  The sewing area - looks a bit messy here but it is really very organised..
Helen and Teresa having an interesting was very know, I honestly don't know what they were talking
Janice and Jenny - with Janice's blocks behind on the design wall... 
 Helen kinda liked this chair and made herself right at home - did anyone notice the bottle of sparkly in her hands...
Lots of yummy food...
 A bit of stitching..  I finally made some of the projects from my Gail Pan book.. A Needle book and bag..
 Two wall in florals, the other in brights..
A Libby Richardson pouch..
 I have also started the quilt I will be working on this year... Welcome Home..
 Block 1 of the Welcome Home quilt..
 I had a fabulous break girls, and I did manage to get some sewing done... Best idea - EVER...
Love you girls to bits..

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Did I Hear Someone Say - Bowling

Tuesday, saw the girls doing something a little different..  We went 10 pin bowling, and it was so much fun.
 I love this photo of our shoes - although one of us has a more professional pair
 I am putting our score sheet up but I am hoping the print will be too little to read...
Another great day with the girls, lots of laughter, especially while we were attempting to bowl..
I think some of us need a little practice, but this just means we will have to go again..

Monday, 2 January 2017

Hello 2017

It has been really hot lately and I felt sorry for the little possum that comes and sleeps in a metal bucket on top of a cupboard we have on the back patio.  He is usually really quiet but I had heard him moving around a few times and figured he was feeling the heat too.  I had a huge watermelon in the fridge and thought he might like a piece of cool sweet melon..  He loved it and sat there eating it for ages..  He has been coming to sleep in the bucket for about a year now and is always on his own, so I presume he is a 'he'..  He never makes a noise, or makes a mess, actually he is neater than the kids..
I make sure no one moves the bucket because he is always welcome.

Today we took a drive to Hastings Point and then on to Flat Rock.
I was determined to get my feet wet and today was a good day to do it..
First stop was Hastings Point, where we had lunch at the lookout..what a beautiful spot..
 Next stop was Flat Rock - this is a lovely beach between Lennox Heads and Ballina. As you can see by the photos - it is not over run by tourists - oh wait - am I a tourist...mmm that might be one of those
The water was a beautiful shade of green - or should I say aqua and I just had to take a few photos of it.  I don't think the colour came our nearly as beautiful as it was in person. 
There is a camp ground at Flat Rock - no caravans allowed so not over crowded, and at the kiosk they had this gorgeous little bunny to play with.  He kept trying to push his nose threw the cage to have his nose scratched.  AWWWW - major crush happening here...  Both me and Amelia wanted to bring him home.  He loved being cuddled and didn't want to be put down... AWWWW - I want one..
Do you think he would get on with Maci???
This last photo set is of Amelia - she had just come back from shopping.  I remember those days when I use to dress up for shopping.  When co-ordinating my outfit was a must.  Now I'm older it's a much different story..  Oh to be young again - well at least to have the energy again...
That's all.. Hope your having a great week.. 
cya xx

Christmas Decorations

This post is more for me than you.  It is just random photos of my house when it is decorated for Christmas, so I have a record of it for future reference...
I will add this photo to start it off though - it is the grandkids Christmas tree - they get to decorate it just the way they want - I think they did a fabulous job.  They used a santa hat, reindeer antler headband, baubles, etc.  I especially like the santa suspender belt they put on the tree..  I think this tree is my favourite..