Thursday, 21 December 2017

Happy Birthday Amelia

Family and friends met up at our local Chinese Restaurant to celebrate our beautiful daughter - Amelia's birthday..
Here are some of her friends - one in particular is trying to steal the lime light - Molly you are so funny, I can see why Amelia loves having you around...
Here are some more photo's of Amelia's friends...
And some of the family..
It was a great night and we are all so happy to have you in our lives..
Happy birthday sweetheart - I hope all your dreams come true..

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Tuesday Girls Christmas

First of all - I am going to start this post with The Tuesday Girls Christmas Advent gifts..
This year we all did an advent for each was so much fun that I am hoping we get to do it again next year...
These are my parcels ready to be given to the girls..
Here is my little collection - boy is it hard not to open them straight away..

Here is what I was given by:-
Helen - Numbers 1-8
1. Pretty Scissors
2. Coaster
3. Notebook
4. Mug Rug
5. Mug
6. Pot holder
7. Small tin with a surprise inside.
8. Fob..
Norreen - 9-16

9.   Fat quarter
10. Candle
11. Pin cushion
12. Ornament.
13. Tea towel
14.  Spatula
15. Thread and bobbin mate
16. Doiley
 Teresa 17-25 (missing 19 cause its the main present).

17.  Serviettes
18.  Pretty Spoon
20.  Zippy pouch
21.  Washi tape
22.  Ornament
23.  Lace
24.  Christmas treat
25.  Pamper pouch with goodies..   
OMG girls - you all outdid yourselves...I love all my gifts - how much fun was this..  I had a ball putting together my gifts for you girls.. I'm glad we started early in the year - this year was way to fast and I thought I would never be ready on time..  Thanks girls.. Willing to do this again anytime..

We were so excited about our new mug rugs and mugs that on one of our first get togethers after opening them we all had to use them... They look great together..
We started The Tuesday Christmas Get Together with meeting at Helen's - while here, we exchanged gifts (number 19), then headed out.
My gorgeous "PEARS" from Helen...they are absolutely beautiful - Love them Miss Helen..I also was given a card with a great photo of "US" on it - this has been placed where I can see it all the time..
Thank you Miss
 Teresa gave me a beautiful pink scarf (this photo does not do it justice), a new packet of much needed flower head pins (I think I was down to my last four and they were bent) and a selfie-stick..
Hehehehe - I can see some fun times in the near 
Thank you Miss Teresa - I am going to have so much fun with this and I can not wait until winter so I can wear my scarf.. Love
 Norreen made me this gorgeous red bag.. I didn't own a red bag and was so delighted with this one that as soon as I got home I gave away two of my bags that I regularly use.   Thank you Nor, I love my new
Now come on - did you read the previous remarks - I was given a selfie stick - time to play..
Oops - that's not how you do it..
 Still not very
 A little better...
 Not too bad....
 Mmm maybe
 Hehehehe - laughing too much..
Helen gave us one more gift - its a kinda gag
Don't we look absolutely fabulous in our scarves...
Better go to lunch - we have a tradition amongst ourselves - we always go to The Fox and The Hound at Christmas time, so this day was no exception..
A Foxy Lady was our first order - keeping with tradition... yum..
 I ordered the Classic Cornish Pasty - (its an English Pub - The Fox and The Hound)..
 My very first Yorkshire Pudding...
 A Crème Brulee for dessert..   Oh dear - too full...feeling a bit sorry for myself now or at least for my stomach... Well worth it though...
Now for some fun... hehehehe
Took some selfies..hahahahaha

 Works better when I rest the camera end on the
 Nope - lost it...
 Trying to do a Morgan Freeman and having myself only appear a little in the shot....
 Ok I think I had better give up and try another day.. 

 Great day girl - Love you guys to bits... Merry Christmas..xxxx

Sunday Stitchers Christmas Party gift

I had a ball on Sunday, hosting the Christmas party for our group - it was right up my alley to entertain everyone and to make everyone feel relaxed and welcomed and if I'm lucky, that they get a giggle or two throughout the day..

Well I am going to have to post about the days events another time, as this post is because I was so over-whelmed with their gratitude that it almost had me in tears a few time..even now as I type this..

Upon arrival of the guests I was presented with a gorgeous humongous bunch of pink roses (and I love roses the best)... just look at them...their beautiful... and they are perfect for my table..
Later on during the day, I was also given another gift - this one was a heavy pressie, and again, totally unexpected which I guess adds to my teariness.. I am going to have to run through the contents quickly as I am due to go out in about 15 minutes.. so here goes..
 I have a love of homemade, handmade, Australian made etc, and inside the box it was filled with all my favourite things..
Four packets of loose leaf tea - I am especially looking forward to trying the Orange Brulee...sound yummy..
 Three heavenly scented candles.. I wish you could smell them, but they are devine..
 I can not turn my photos for now so will try to correct this later.. 
Two raw organic chocolate bars..  sorry saving these for later...
 Hask Oil (one of my favourites) and a new one to try - Macadamia Oil and a Vo5 hot oil..
 Two bath bombs - apparently the lady that makes these has little kids at home and had sold out of bath bombs at this time of year, but managed to make them for me anyway..  bath time is looking good, can't wait to smell them too..
 Sugar scrub from The Source at the Gold Coast and Rose scented bath salts.. again cannot wait to smell them..
 Now this one is a very large bath tea bag and loofah..  how did the girls know I love a good soak in a bath...someone must be telling all my secrets..  and I am sooo greatful they did...
 A bottle of Mascato (again one of my favourites), and a handmade eucalyptus soap and a face mask..
 Sorry - I'm trying to get through these quickly as I am going to be late leaving..
This pretty bag contained serveral items (shown later) but the bag was pretty so needed a photo on its own..
 Inside the bag were two scrubs - chocolate and coffee - and a detox bath soak and two lip balms..
I am going to smell GREAT...
Last of all, I found an Audrey magazine - wow, am looking forward to this - it has stories, puzzles and on one of the pages I found the chocolates I found in the box..   I am going to love this - all my favourite things - puzzles, stories and recipes...
Well I had better go - I am running seriously late now - I want to give all the Sunday Stitchers a very big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart - I was totally blown away (and totally exhausted but worth every bit)..  I had a ball and by all the comments I have received, I feel everyone else did to and this makes me more happy than anything - (but I do love my gifts too).  I think I have had
Christmas now - so maybe a good soak in a lovely smelling bath with a bottle of wine, some chocolate and a great magazine - but alas I have a party to go to today so maybe tomorrow..
Love you all girls..
Oh and I found out yesterday that my eldest daughter helped with the box - I think I need a to have a word to her about keeping secrets from her mother but no, seriously - thank you Elle too - love you heaps..

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Sunday Stitcher's Christmas Party

I have always wanted to host The Sunday Stitchers to my place for a Christmas party and this year I thought - why not - just do it, and I am so glad I did.  I had a ball having the party here..
The house was ready - decorated to the hilt as usual..

 Santa paid a visit...and handed out some pressies..
Teresa ...
 Even I got a pressie from santa... I knew I was a good girl..
 The lovely girls all together...
 Showing off our block keepers..
 Showing off some pressies..

 Cheryl showing us her clever quilts...
 Lots of chatting..
 More chatting..
 Me - opening a surprise thank you gift - (read other post)..
 Playing games.. Races...

 Noela and Helen..
 De was my secret santa this year and how lucky was I - she made me this gorgeous block keeper and it has my Maci on the front and she has even fussy cut roses - its beautiful - thank you De..I love this - it's going to be my favourite block keeper..

 Elf on a shelf has been hanging around here and he is always threatening me with telling santa how naughty I have been - sooooo - I made sure he would not relay anything said at the Christmas party back to santa.. hehehehe..  Santa still thinks I'm a good girl...
 Great day - worked out perfectly - lots of laughing, food and Christmas cheer..what more could a girl want..  Merry Christmas girls..