Thursday, 4 February 2016

What Do You Mean It's February???

I have so much to catch up on so I have tried to condense January for you...but it was a very busy month as you will see...
Wayne and I made a shopping trip to Harbour Town at the Gold Coast, and we decided to start with brekky. One the way home we dropped into The Fox & Hound where I introduced him to one of The Tuesday Girls favourite drink - The Foxy Lady...  We bought two meals (no desserts today - shock - horror) and shared them.. Our meals were delicious and the Foxy Ladies went down like a treat..
Some stitching to show - Three of the Sunday Stitcher's (me included) are doing the Natalie Bird - Bluebell Lane Quilt with one block to be completed each month.  Here is my first block for the year.
My mother-in-law celebrated a birthday this month so I made her a pop-up gift card holder.. (first paper craft for the year)..  When you remove the band/belt and open the card up the giftcard stands to attention...  I had so much fun making this - I just love paper craft.  The dessert you can see was not bought at a cafĂ© as one might think but was made and presented to us by Fran (Wayne's sister)..  I might have to see if she will give me the recipe for this as it was delicious...
I have finally finished my Rosalie Quinlan Christmas Bunting with heaps of time before  This was so easy to put together that I am actually thinking of doing another one - but there is a lot of stitching in it though...
I have also finished a Table Topper from Lynette Anderson's Book - Stitch It For Autumn.  I did change the colours to something a little brighter and I turned my chooks around - I thought they should be this way round..
I think this was the first Tuesday Girls get together for 2016...  Helen is working on a technical issue for Norreen ( Helen is soooo patient) and the gifts you can see were a surprise from a special friend from North Queensland - Narelle..  Thanks Rell it was such a surprise and they are gorgeous..
A week end to spare and Wayne, Amelia and myself decide to head to Byron Bay.  Amelia and I wanted to do some shopping and hubby wanted to meet up with his sister and brother-in-law to play golf.   This worked out perfectly.  We booked a room in town so Amelia and I could walk to the shops (and back with our parcels).  We all went to the beach for a swim - oh dear - I could live this life - I would love living close to the beach but alas it might not happen in my life time so I will just have to enjoy it when I can...   We went out for dinner but the meals were so big that I could only eat my fish and even that was an effort.  So again I have to confess to not having dessert..
The Big Prawn is from Balina  - very close to Byron Bay..   Now I will confess that I could not find one fabric or paper craft shop in Byron and I did try really hard...
I have been inspired by a friends sewing room (Maree's), she has a bunting hanging up and it looks gorgeous so I decided to make one for myself.  I had so much fun making it that I ended up making one with some spare doilies that I had stashed away.  Darling daughter loved this so much that I had to make a doily one for her room as well.  Then I got the idea to make a tiny one using the little doilies.  The one I put on my fabric shelves..   Mental note - nearly out of doilies with have to get some more..
Here is the tiny one..
While looking after my grandson, he decided to check out Nannies antique mincer.   OMG - he put his shirt into it to see what would happen.  Oh dear, now it looks like a dinosaur has attacked him.   Mental note - must shift mincer..   Thank heavens it was only his shirt..
Now we had two birthdays in January - Our youngest son turned 21 and our eldest daughter turned (sorry Elle) 27.   They decided to combine there birthdays (they are one day apart) and go to breakfast at the QT down the Gold Coast.   Yummo - I wish my tummy was bigger.. my eyes thought it was..
It is so hard to get a good photo of my lot - especially Jaxon, who is always pulling a face and when you do get one it is a little or a lot blurry. (damn kids)
Yes Wayne plays up too infront of a camera...(damn hubby)..
It was a very overcast day so my photos are a little dull, but here is a couple of all of us together..
The birthday kids - Jaxon and Ellesha..
Jaxon and his girlfriend, Michaela.   She was trying to get him to behave for the camera..
Oh well...
Wayne (aka poppy) and Hudson sharing a moment or two together...
Amelia not enjoying the early rise for the day and I have to admit, she did let the side down.  Typical teenager who does not like eating breakfast and all I could encourage her to eat was fruit loops (mainly cause I don't buy this kind of cereal)... very expensive fruit loops...  (damn kids)
Sunday Stitcher's had their first meeting back for the year.  Norreen is trying to attack me with a knife - I think she wanted all the yummy foods to  
De is showing us her wall hanging.  The three girls (Me, Susan and Inca) doing the Natalie Bird quilt are showing off January's block 1.   Don't they look good.. this is going to be so much fun..
And last but not least - Marilyn showing us a quilt she had finished too..
Well that's it for me - time for a coffee.   I am really sorry it was such a long post, I will try to do it more often but in my defence - January did just disappear...

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Deadline For The Easter Swap Is Approaching..

Don't forget to check out The Tuesday Girls first ever Swap...Follow the link - sign up ends Friday..

Oh and if you would kindly spread the word to anyone who might be interested.....

Thank You

Sandi, Teresa, Helen and Norreen..

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Come and Check It Out

The Tuesday Girls are hosting a swap...come and check it out here... register before the 5th February if you are interested...


Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Yay, look what the postie has brought me, Pressies..  My pressie was a little late this time round, I think it came the long way round from USA to find me.  lol  I was part of Chooky's Secret Santa Christmas Swap again this year last year and this is what I received in the swap..
My secret swap partner turned out to be Wendy from
Just look at my gorgeous table runner, the first thing I did when seeing this was go and check to see if it would fit in a particular place for next Christmas, and it does.  Woohoo - but I'm not going to show you until Christmas, you don't need to know that...hehehe. 
The centre, and either side of the centre, of the runner has this beautiful pattern quilted into it..  I wish I could get a nicer photo to show you..
This photo shows the red better and a close look at my cute snowman ornie.  This is going to look great on my tree, I am sooooooo looking forward to using it next Christmas...
Thank you Wendy, it was worth the wait, I love what you have made
Now for some sewing stuff - every now and then I do clean out my UFO box and decide what to do with bits and pieces.  This year has been no exception.  I have had this quilt sitting in there for years now, with no intentions of quilting it.  The top was finished but that is as far as I had gone.  It either belonged in the - so over the colour, or board with it, or nowhere to put it, or just plain didn't want to finish it - list.  So I decided to pull it apart.  Some of the blocks I kept and some were thrown in the bin.  So here are my 5 new block keepers/holders.  
A closer look at one of them.. There is a stitchery on the back as well and a pocket on the inside.
You know I can't even remember what this quilt was called but I'm sure some of you will know it and I am please that I have turned something that I didn't need into something that I can use..
I also found this table topper in the UFO box so I finished it and found a place for it..

Oh and while I was taking a photo of the table topper, I mentioned in an earlier post that I would take a good photo of a Christmas pressie that I received from Helen.  Well here it is,  my gorgeous vintage books tied up with ribbon on display.  I think they look rather handsome here.
I'm going to add this photo to the end of this post.  It's of my beautiful hubby when we went out for brekky the other morning.  He ordered a coffee and this is what came  It's huge, and it took him ages to drink  We did joke that he was cutting down to one a day...
That's it for me...catchya all later.  Oh and I hope you all have a fantastic new year.. 

Friday, 25 December 2015

Santa Sack Swap

The lovely Cheryll from hosts the Santa Sack Swap each year and this year, I once again, participated in this swap.  Low and behold I had the wonderful Shez from as my partner in crime.  This huge box was delivered to my door quite early in the piece and I had to resist opening it, which for me was a humungous effort but I must say I passed with flying colours. 
Inside was this enormous santa sack...  goody goody goody - time to open..
Wow so many gifts..which one first...
Just look at this gorgeous tin. 
And inside the gorgeous tin was this.. I have seen these of Shez's blogs before but never thought I would have one of my very own.   Thanks Shez, I am planning on putting my LaPassacaglia bits and pieces into it..
The next gift was this cute stitchery of a reindeer, isn't he gorgeous..
Anther unwrapping had me finding four patterns.   Looking forward to playing with these next year...
Thanks Shez, are you trying to let me know I'm not stitching
Oh now this pressie revealed some luxurious pampering products...  Shez has been stalking me for a while because she is well aware of my liking to everything roses... 
Now for my main gift... beautiful bag made with gorgeous 'rose' fabric in the blues.. how pretty is this, such a great combination - blue - floral - roses - and a bag.  I love all my gifts Shez, you have spoilt me heaps...Thank you my dear friend...
I also have some Christmas balloons for the grandkids to play with but today has been soooo busy that I just plum forgot to give them to them so I will save them for next time.. you are very thoughtful thinking of them, thank you again Shez. 
Here is a photo of my gorgeous gifts all together..
As an extra bonus - Shez without realising it, has supplied a gift for Maci as well, for she has claimed the box. I tried to discourage her from getting on top but she just kept getting up
Maci says thank you too...
I made for Shez but unfortunately did that silly thing and forgot to take I will have to 'steal' some from her when she does her post...
Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have had a fab Christmas...
Thanks again Shez, you have spoilt me rotten...

Sunday, 20 December 2015

A Christmas Get-Together

Today we celebrated Christmas with Wayne's family.  Getting all our kids/grandkids together in one place is always a noisy affair and to add some more adults to the mix, well, you can imagine the sound level in the room.
I will start with how the dining room looked pre-kids...
 My centre piece for the table..  A country truck decorated with gingerbread men and other knick Knacks..
The Tree with my Anni Downs Christmas quilt behind it..
 We were very fortunate to have a special visitor - Santa made an appearance and gave everyone a little gift to take home... I knew we were on the 'nice' list..
Santa was trying to encourage Hudson to take a gift, and in the end he did take it from him but he was very weary..
 Mike, Hudson, Elle and Brayden with their gifts..
Michaela and Jaxon with their pressies. 
 Wayne's brother-in-law, Ross and his brother, Cameron with theirs...
Santa wanted to visit the neighbour kids, he knew they were on the nice list too and wanted to drop off a little gift to them while he was in the area..
 Jacob getting his pressie..
Trying to get that perfect photo with our kids can be very trying..and lots of photo's, thank heavens for digital cameras. 
There is always one not behaving - this time it was Jaxon, he was pulling a face (back centre) and Hudson had his eyes closed...
 Ok maybe it is not just the kids that play up...
 Maybe this one will be better...maybe not...
 Getting better except one of the kids is half hidden... oh well...
Another rare photo opportunity - Wayne with Meg (his mum), Fran (his sister) and Cameron (his brother). 
 I thought this would be a good time to practice 'my selfies" out..   Not too bad...
MMM I'm getting the hang of these 'selfies' if only I could get the kids to behave...
 Now that's better...
 Another selfie...
While we had everyone together, it seemed like a good idea to do a birthday cake for Amelia, who has a birthday tomorrow...   Happy birthday sweetheart.  Love you
Well it has been a fantastic day, I love it when all the kids get together even if it does get a little noisy ( maybe heaps noisy), when great memories are made and shared and to hear the laughter in their voices.  It was terrific having Wayne's family come along today too and I don't think it will take too long for their hearing to return to normal.   That's it for today, I am planning on an early night...
Merry Christmas